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Sin is a mistaken belief that must be destroyed through suffering or Science. The grand lesson that all must sooner or later learn is that all must come to Truth. The hard road is by easy of suffering and experience; the easier way is through searching and acceptance.
– Francis Fluno, Pure metaphysics


Here we go with a rough sketch thought.

Polarity is what we call the phases of the naturally arising of the self-so. It is the male-female display. The two lights, which Walter Russell referred to. After analyzing the occurring, we say it is gendered. Before we denominate the phases, they abide in “rhythmic balanced interchange” just cause that’s how it goes. Equanimity doesn’t need to be established. It’s the natural balance.

Energy doesn’t get generated by polarizing (through fear or desire or…). Energy is always sufficient. And goes on and on. And its order is not imposed, but comes to expression as the beauty and goodness thought forms of the self-so, the still single light of Russell, Mind. From God’s fulness, fulness in expression. Not imitative, but original.

Energy is only a concern when we abandon sufficiency, contentment and want to employ power for our own ends. If we leave aside our own ends, energy is naturally fulfilled.

Is it so?


Christ sees us

– R Steiner, Verses and Meditations, 223
Quoted in Blatchford Claire, Friend of my heart


“Chapter 29 of The Second Coming of Reb YHSHWH, by Carlo Suares, Weiser, 1994 (Carlo Suarès)

“The Eight Propositions”

“And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation: Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you” (Luke 17:20-21). And this would be the keynote of the New Era. Here are the eight propositions:

1. Seek your total individuality. Don’t write it down anywhere. Don’t give it a name. Any definition of your Self is a deceptive hideout.

2. You will not find your total individuality. It is your total individuality that sees you, that witnesses your doings. It acts in our space-time continuum, but is not restricted to it.

3. Your total individuality is your soul. It abides in the indeterminate plurality of universes. Because it is alive, it is evolving. Because it is outside of time, its evolution is only the time that you need to permit it to find you. Because it is multidimensional, it contributes to the composition of an Ecclesia. It is one and innumerable.

4. Your soul will not find you as long as your consciousness is made of the stuff of false evidences created by your mind: as long as you do not feel a sense of suffocation in those space-time false evidences.

5. The death of false evidences is a psychological death, announcer of resurrection. Each false evidence denounced opens a window in the inner space where the measurable dies.

6. This death of the measurable in the inner space is a personal experience. All that is said to you about it will prevent it from occurring. Do not listen to the professionals of any religions.

7. Beyond this death, our infinitely multiple individuality reveals to our present person that we are only one of its multifarious manifestations. We then meet the other manifestations of our soul spread out through history, still present and alive.

8. So this consciousness emanating from our soul integrates its earthly past and also its future. It knows itself continuous, without limits. It is all-consciousness, it penetrates every consciousness, it understands every consciousness, and that understanding is love.”

Settled, done deal


All this was settled long, long ago. Don’t be frightened of anything.

Yogaswami of Jaffna

Super duper Christian Science texts


The really super duper :

Clarence Steves Selected Addresses (Healing Unlimited)

Ronald Klette God is All (bookmark)

Laura Sargent notes from a class (bookmark) (apparently the same as the James Neal notes from Mulberry)

Hendrik de Lange practice and principle (Mulberry)

Doris Dufour Henty (Mulberry)

These above are really wonderful. There’s also a very nice book by Ann Beals on CS treatment. FL Rawson’s writings also, though Rawson doesn’t address no personal self as directly as Steves.

Eternal existent fecund


(Buddhist, close thou thine eyes)

Most likely, we are not passing away at all. Never. There was that wonderful story of the churchman going to see the philosopher (Thoreau?) as he lay dying. Preacher asked the thinker his thoughts on where he will spend eternity. Thinker replied that even this day is included in my eternity. (Can’t find that account anywhere. Do you know of it?)

Yes, my eternity inclusive of a little while in this context. Hey hey. I don’t mind.

Let the Buddhis say nay. Okay. They steer to the midmost between nihil and eternal. Great. Anyhow it’s indestructible. Though it may not be anything at all. Would you agree?

Very lawful. Let’s go on our way.


Reversal traversal


Most excellent,

We propose to open up the meaning of Return in Tao Te Ching.

Return, Reversion

We put two possibilities. Proffer them, prefer them. Offer them, over to you, whoever you are. Noble one.

1) I admit: return is when tracing the circle returns to the starting point. Let us continue. We shall return again and again. Day and night.

2) return as the reversal of the yang pursuit, the vigorous lurch, the haste and hurry. Return now and yet go onward with qi sort of coming back inside. Not needless expense, but settling inside. A gesture in perfect contentment.

Which of the two fits best, do you think? I especially like the second.

Chanting the Square Deific . Walt Whitman


CHANTING the square deific, out of the One advancing, out of the sides,
Out of the old and new, out of the square entirely divine,
Solid, four-sided, (all the sides needed,) from this side Jehovah am I,
Old Brahm I, and I Saturnius am;
Not Time affects me—I am Time, old, modern as any,
Unpersuadable, relentless, executing righteous judgements,
As the Earth, the Father, the brown old Kronos, with laws,
Aged beyond computation, yet ever new, ever with those mighty laws rolling,
Relentless, I forgive no man—whoever sins dies—I will have that man’s life;
Therefore let none expect mercy—have the seasons, gravitation, the appointed days, mercy? no more have I,
But as the seasons and gravitation, and as all the appointed days that forgive not,
I dispense from this side judgements inexorable without the least remorse.

Consolator most mild, the promis’d one advancing,
With gentle hand extended, the mightier God am I,
Foretold by prophets and poets in their most rapt prophecies and poems,
From this side, lo! the Lord Christ gazes—lo! Hermes I—lo! mine is Hercules’ face,
All sorrow, labour, suffering, I, tallying it, absorb in myself,
Many times have I been rejected, taunted, put in prison and crucified, and many times shall be again,
All the world have I given up for my dear brothers’ and sisters’ sake, for the soul’s sake,
Wending my way through the homes of men, rich or poor, with the kiss of affection,
For I am affection, I am the cheer-bringing God, with hope and all-enclosing charity,
With indulgent words as to children, with fresh and sane words, mine only,
Young and strong I pass knowing well I am destin’d myself to an early death;
But my charity has no death—my wisdom dies not, neither early nor late,
And my sweet love bequeath’d here and elsewhere never dies.

Aloof, dissatisfied, plotting revolt,
Comrade of criminals, brother of slaves,
Crafty, despised, a drudge, ignorant,
With sudra face and worn brow, black, but in the depths of my heart, proud as any,
Lifted now and always against whoever scorning assumes to rule me,
Morose, full of guile, full of reminiscences, brooding, with many wiles,
(Though it was thought I was baffled and dispel’d, and my wiles done, but that will never be,)
Defiant, I, Satan, still live, still utter words, in new lands duly appearing, (and old ones also,)
Permanent here from my side, warlike, equal with any, real as any,
Nor time nor change shall ever change me or my words.

Santa Spirita, breather, life,
Beyond the light, lighter than light,
Beyond the flames of hell, joyous, leaping easily above hell,
Beyond Paradise, perfumed solely with mine own perfume,
Including all life on earth, touching, including God, including Saviour and Satan,
Ethereal, pervading all (for without me what were all? what were God?),
Essence of forms, life of the real identities, permanent, positive, (namely the unseen,)
Life of the great round world, the sun and stars, and of man, I, the general soul,
Here the square finishing, the solid, I the most solid,
Breathe my breath also through these songs.

Infinity. What a relief


Better to shun atheistic material-as-spreme faith mindset as nothingness. Better to see that nothingness has no umph.

To assent admits possibility of ownership by material entities. Whereas God the truth is not material (can you deliver to me pure lump of matter? 2 oz. will do.) And while God-Tao makes no claim of property, nor of feudal rights, all this apparent materiality indeed is proper to that. Hey!

Better to shun false prospects, false prophets, false profits. Lay down in arms of Infinity. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.